Benefits of Six Month Smiles

34When you don’t have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, you are not yet benefitting from your best appearance and highest self-esteem. However, even if you want a movie star smile, you may not want to wear unattractive metal braces for two years or more!

Dr. Lincoln Parker has the perfect solution waiting for you at Hales Parker Dentistry. Six Month Smiles is an ingenious new orthodontic technology that allows patients to cut their treatment time in half, or even more!

The benefits of Six Month Smiles are extensive. Some of our patients’ favorite perks of these progressive orthodontics include:

Minimal Treatment Time | Yes, it’s true. You can obtain straight teeth in just 6 months with Six Month Smiles. 6 months is the average treatment time for patients who wear these orthodontics, though your total time may be slightly longer or shorter, depending on your needs.

Confidence that Lasts | Why wait until after orthodontics to smile? With Six Month Smiles, you’ll feel confident both during and after your braces treatment! These subtle braces utilize clear or white brackets to ensure a subtle look.

Consistent Comfort | You can enjoy 6 months of comfort when you wear these braces, because they do not require painful tightening and adjustments. You’ll benefit from gentle guidance and fewer office visits while you wear Six Month Smiles.

Low Cost | For many patients, Six Month Smiles braces cost even less than traditional orthodontics. You may be surprised by the reasonable cost of these powerful braces.

Adult Orthodontics | Adult patients have found that Six Month Smiles is the ideal option for their fast paced lives! You can wear these adult orthodontics for 6 months or less before you unveil a perfect smile. The disruption to your life will be minimal when you choose Six Month Smiles.

Don’t let crooked, crowded, or widely spaced teeth affect your life any longer. You can see straight teeth in just a few months with adult orthodontics. Contact us at Hales Parker Dentistry today!

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