Before and After Photos


Jensen had some very minor issues with some crowding after having braces when she was younger. After 6 months of cosmetic braces with Hales Parker Dentistry, her minor issues were resolved and now when she smiles, the small, nagging crowding in the front are not an issue for her.


Aaron had some minor issues with angled teeth. When he is in front of clients, it would bother him and it concerned him long term because of some wear on his lower front teeth. After 7 months in our cosmetic braces, we were able to straighten out the teeth and get him feeling confident that his teeth aren’t going to continue to wear down. Also, he can smile more confidently now!


Katie had never had braces as a kid and her teeth that were slightly out of alignment always bothered her. After 5 months in our cosmetic braces system, we had her teeth straight the way she wanted and she said her cheeks are sore from smiling so much!


Cindy was ashamed to smile because of the misalignment of her upper front teeth. The central 2 teeth pointed in towards her tongue and the teeth next to them pointed out. This situation can be very distracting and make the colors of the teeth look off. Six short months later, her teeth were lined up and she was smiling brighter than we had ever seen!


Taylor had a gap in between her front teeth that bothered her. Her bite was affected by the misalignment of her teeth as well. After 7 months of our cosmetic braces system, we had the gap closed and the bite corrected! Taylor was ecstatic with the results and is smiling proudly!


Erica had upper and lower teeth that were crooked and out of alignment. She was looking for a short term option because 2-3 years of orthodontics didn’t fit in her life. With around 11 months of our cosmetic braces, we were able to get her smiling proudly!